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Tax Advisory in Tupelo, MS, You Can Trust

A simple fact of the matter is that taxation is unavoidable. While you may do your best to pay your fair share, it can be difficult to keep your taxes in order. Mississippi residents are subject to both state and federal income taxes. Filing a tax return may be a civic responsibility, but ensuring you are paying precisely what you owe can be a mystery.

Fortunately, you have options. At Moore & Moore, P.C., Certified Public Accountants, you will gain the support and resources you need to file with confidence. We are well-versed in tax advisory in Tupelo, MS. By choosing our firm, you can get to the bottom of your tax situation, file with confidence, and remain compliant with state and federal regulations. Let our skill and experience work for you. We serve individual clients as well as businesses.

About Our Advisory Services

The preparation of tax forms can be a long, complicated, and arduous process. Doing your taxes yourself can be a hassle--especially if you have multiple sources of income, such as from investments, mergers and acquisitions, and inheritances--to name a few. An incorrect tax return can be punishing in more ways than one. 

It only takes a single error to file an incorrect return, which can result in paying more than you owe, or worse. The Internal Revenue Service can impose audits and penalties if they determine you have filed an inaccurate return. Consequences can include paying fees or serving jail time.

Think of tax advisory as a type of oversight agency. We look over your income and expenses, ensuring that they are accurate. Then, we utilize our extensive knowledge of taxation law to identify potential issues--and then rectify them. Working with a tax advisor has many benefits, including:

  • Remaining Compliant with Current Tax Codes
  • Potentially Minimizing your Tax Liability
  • Saving Your Time and Energy

Working with our tax advisor and accountant also provides protection. The IRS can impose investigations on individuals or businesses if they suspect they are not in compliance. Our personal and business tax accountants serve as your representatives, ensuring you are on an even playing field when dealing with tax authorities.

Don’t let the authorities take more of your hard-earned money than absolutely necessary. By utilizing our tax services, you have the potential to minimize your payments to the government while ensuring you are operating within the law. Choose our firm and feel confident on Tax Day--and beyond. 

Contact us in Tupelo, MS, to learn more about our tax advisory services. We serve Lee and Itawamba Counties.